Shenzhen Tian Ji Li Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional, large-scale suppliers of well-known electronic components. Since its inception the company has focused on the technology and market development of single-chip products. From MICROCHIP (PIC) series of products to the current microcontroller ARM Cortex? -M Stellaris MCU series microcontroller, along the way, adhering to the "core services, customer first" service philosophy, is committed to providing our customers with quality components supporting services and technical support. Company currently focus on promoting the TI Cortex -M Stellaris ARM MCU series microcontroller, will help TI fully meet the mainstream 32 bit MCU market demand, so that customers can get the industry standard Cortex-M3 ARM kernel generic processing performance and Stellaris product family of advanced communications capabilities, such as 10/100 Ethernet MAC+PHY, CAN, USBOTG, USB host / device, SSI/SPI, UART, I2S and I2C, etc.. The series of products is the industry's leading high reliability real-time microcontroller products, will greatly enhance the TI to provide the industry's most complete MCU product series strength. Stellaris 32 bit MCU will be advanced and flexible hybrid signal system on chip system integration advantages with unparalleled real-time multi tasking features a perfect combination. Powerful, easy programming low cost MCU Stellaris can now easily achieve the original MCU can not be achieved by the use of complex applications. Stellaris series has more than 280 kinds of products, can provide the industry's most extensive precision compatible type MCU for selection.

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