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Leading companies Xilinx Inc All Programmable FPGA, SoC and 3D IC (Xilinx, Inc.(NASDAQ:XLNX)) announced the continuation of the 28nm process, a series ofindustry innovation, in the 20nm technology node again launched two major industry first: put the semiconductor industry the first 20nm device, also is the programmable logic devices (PLD) industry's first 20nm All Programmable device; publishing industry the first ASIC programmable architecture UltraScale ™. These have milepost senseindustry first release, the continuation of the Xilinx 28nm chip in the field the firstdevices as well as in All Programmable SoC, All Programmable 3D IC and SoC enhanced a series of industry to achieve design kits on the first advantage.

Xilinx on product cooperation, like 28HPL (high performance and low power consumption) development process, the high-end FPGA requirements into the 20SoC development process. Collaboration Xilinx and TSMC 28nm technology node, tobecome the industry's first 28nm Xilinx All Programmable FPGA, SoC and 3D IC devices are introduced, the Xilinx to push up the price and power consumption, the programmable system integration and the bill of materials (BOM) lead generationstatus cost. Now, Xilinx has the effective industry leading cooperation pattern is extended from 28nm to 20nm, launched the industry's first ASIC programmable architecture - UltraScale.

The latest development of UltraScale architecture including 20nm planar transistorstructure (planar) expansion process and 16nm and FinFET transistor technology,including single chip (monolithic) and 3D IC. It not only can solve the problem ofoverall system throughput and delay problems limit the expansion, but also to deal directly with the biggest bottleneck - interconnection advanced node chipperformance.

Xilinx Inc CEO Moshe Gavrielov said: "with the Xilinx industry's first 20nm productrelease, the first ASIC UltraScale framework, the first SoC enhanced Vivado design suite, and support for Smarter system design of the expansion of IP, C and ARM ® processor solutions release, Xilinx again expanded PLD the industrial value andmarket coverage. At the same time, we also advance competitive products a year for customers of the value of lead generation."

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