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In April 1, 2014, the global leader in Beijing Xilinx Inc – All Programmable technology and device (NASDAQ: XLNX) launched the industry's first "soft" definition of network in Las Vegas Interop 2014 Network Communication Exhibition announced today ("Softly"Defined Networks) solution, the programmable ability and intelligent function fromcontrol layer to the data layer. Design for programmable data layer function can bethe new SDNet software defined specification environment, and functional specification can be automatically compiled into the Xilinx All Programmable FPGA and SoC.

And the fixed data layer hardware and through the narrow southward API connected to the control of the traditional SDN architecture, SDNet uses the data layerprogrammable, supporting intelligent and south to the API control layer richconnection, so as to achieve a number of breakthrough innovation function, including:

The pro independence line speed, complexity and avoid all kinds of protocol

To provide process for flexible service unit

Support the innovative "revolutionary without interruption" operation instant upgrade,and the 100% line speed

These unique features make telecom operators and multi system operators (MSO)can use a flexible approach, provides a unique and differentiated services, and will not cause any disruption to existing services, and needs no hardware quality certification re or door-to-door service, which brings about the increase in revenuepotential for service providers, you can save a lot of hitherto unknown to the capital and operating expenditures, but also can greatly shorten the product listing process.Network equipment suppliers can also through the characteristics of rich and flexibleSDNet platform to achieve the same advantages, allowing them to pass the content aware data deployed SDNet environment programming layer hardware, achieve more differentiation.

Software defined network solutions SDNet and Xilinx All Programmable FPGA and SoC implementation has the following advantages:

Better and highly flexible quality of service (QoS)

Process and session sensing function

Fully programmable hardware data layer and I/O

Wire speed network virtual function (NFV), including a variety of user-definedcustomization function

1G to 400G between the extension line rate

Xilinx Inc vice president Hemant Dhulla said: "the Ministry of communication businessXilinx is combining a variety of new software technology and the design of AllProgrammable chip products, committed to a new generation of more might be moreintelligent network and data center. SDNet has made a revolutionary breakthrough in flexibility, functional flexibility and productivity, Xilinx All Programmable devices and, to create the industry's first solution for software defined data layer soft definition of network plan."

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